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Benvenuti Siciliani

The original site, ISICILIANI,  was started in 1996 on AOL. I moved to Pignato.com in 2000 and I changed the look in 2001 and now again in 2010. I am Philip B. Pignato, aka ISiciliani. I am second generation Sicilian in the USA. My Grandparents were originally from Marsala and Sciacca. I grew up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY, with mostly Italians and Sicilians on my block. I was always proud of being of Sicilian heritage and firmly believe in carrying on certain traditions.

My reasons for starting the original site are many. There is a lack of understanding out there about the Sicilian people and what type of people they are. Most people believe what they see in the gangster movies is reality. Most of the movies about Sicilians show them as some sort of criminals. The only way to know the truth is to research for yourself. I have plenty of avenues for you to take on this site to prove mostly all Sicilians are hard-working, good  people. We need to stop with the stereotyping of all people. The world would be a better place and maybe we all might get along.

For all the people of Sicilian heritage outside of Sicily, this site will help you learn about your people and your land. Hopefully you will also learn the language with the free link I have. Enjoy it! Be as proud as I am to be Siciliano! 


December 6, 2010 NEWS!

I finally received my Italian passport after 3 1/2 years of work! I regained my right thru heritage to now be an Italian citizen.

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