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I started Club Siciliano originally on America On Line on December 5, 1996. The reasons for starting this Club are many. There is a lack of interest in Sicilian-Americans for their heritage to the point of not teaching their children the history (family or otherwise), language, etc. Where other groups are pushing hard to keep their culture alive, we are not! We used to be a closely knit group of people. We need to get back on track. Enough of this negativity against Sicilians. 1% of the population does not equal the whole! It is time to change the worlds' view of us. It is a shame but we live in a gullible world!

We will be adding the names of all club members with links to their sites if they have. We also will be adding many important writings concerning our heritage. B. Pignato


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Books about Sicilia!!
I know most of us are interested in learning as much as we can about Sicily, past and present. This is a link to Barnes & Noble which has many books, maps, etc. on Sicily. For a quick look at the titles, Click Here and do a search on Sicily!

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Come write on the wall! I know you always wanted to do it . You could write any comment you like, any question you would like to ask, anything at all as long as you keep it clean! I am sure someone will respond or have an answer for you. Click below to enter!


My homepage is devoted to all things Sicilian. I have many links to Sicilian sites . I will not be duplicating on this page so please visit Casa D'Isiciliani.

If you are looking for a person or business in Italy, this telephone directory should find it for you.Click Here to start your search!!


The largest Sicilian Language and Culture organization in the world.

I have been a member since 1997. To learn about the organization or to join click on the link below and mention my name to Prof. Cipolla when you join.


Last Update March 30, 2000

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