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This is home to ISICILIANI aka Philip B. Pignato.



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I am constantly adding new information and links to different sites especially in Sicily, so keep coming back to check!! The links are all over in blue ( at least blue on my PC ) so be sure to check them all!

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Who Am I ?

That is a question with many answers. I'll start with the most current item of which I am very proud.
I am a father, a husband, an uncle, a brother, a son, a friend, a stockbroker, a real estate investor, a trader, a handyman,  an American, an Italian, a Sicilian and a lot of other things I can't think of right now.

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** You can now see the one I would love to spend all my time with! **

               I will have pictures of my second son soon!!!!


                                          Il mio Bambino!!!!


Club Siciliano

I started Club Siciliano on AOL. If you are an AOL subscriber, take a look!
Club Siciliano was started with the help of Luciana from AOL. My reasons for starting this Club were many. I see a lack of interest from our people when it comes to Italy. Everyone seems to be comfortable where they are. Whereas all other groups are so involved with their fathers homeland, we are not. My goal is to try to keep the culture going by teaching the language, educating people about Sicily past and present, playing the music, etc. We need to be recognized as people who made a difference in this world. We shouldn't be identified as Mafioso! This is not who we are. When I was Growing up in Brooklyn, there were one or two people I knew who were connected. It wasn't as you see in the movies. The movies takes that 1% of the Sicilian population in Sicily and shows it as being a large sector of the population. That is why we have to teach our children the truth about Sicily. We have to show them and everyone else the positive points of being Sicilian. Enough said!! Get to work, Paisani Siciliani!!!!
This Club has grown since we started on Dec. 6, 1996. The amount of posts we receive on our bulletin board shows that people do care!

 Suggestions are always welcomed!

Club Siciliano   is now on the web!!!!!! We have all club member names, their links, their thoughts and also a form if you want to join. Keep coming back to see the progress! Click on Club Siciliano  above to visit the site!!

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Growing Up In Brooklyn

In case you missed this link above, click on the title to see my memories of growing up as a Sicilian-American. I will be adding additional writings as time permits!


Business Time

My business is the Stock Market. If you would like to know how to invest or trade, don't contact me! Read a book! I'm too busy to give out free advice!

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Coming Soon!!!!!                             Aspetta, Per Favore!!!!!!!!

 I Promise to add some recipes soon ...dated Oct. 28, 2000!

Recipes!!!!!!!! From my Grandfather, GreatGrandmother, Mother and also my own !!

I Dolci     - Descriptions and recipes to some famous Siciliano desserts!!

  Poesie Siciliane

Some Poems I have stumbled across from Sicilian poets in Sicilian and Italian.

                  ***Always looking for more!! If you have them, send them!!!!***

Sicilian Proverbs and Expressions  

Click on the title above to view some very interesting expressions. They would be great to use at Club Siciliano meetings!

Musica Italiana                                                          

Mama is Always Right!!!

I think you will like this site!  There is a lot of entertaining information with recipes. Take a look into Mamas Cucina!

Bollettino Meteorologico Nella Sicilia

If you would like to know the weather for today and tomorrow in Sicilia, click on  Cielo Azzurro!!   This link is courtesy of  Giornale Di Sicilia.

Maps of Sicilia!!

This is the first map which was sent to me by a new friend. I will be adding more detailed maps as I find them!! 

Fotografie Di Sicilia                                  

Various Photos of different areas in Sicily sent in by friends. Click on links below to view. If you reach a Tripod front page, X out of it to view the pictures. Use your browser back button to return here.

Nino's Sciacca # 1

Nino's Sciacca # 2

Nino's Sciacca # 3

Amici Siciliani

Radio D'Italia                     Aspetta, per favore!!!!!!!

*Real Audio Site - Just in case you don't have it already!

Informazione Siciliano

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